Dr. Ramesh U


 Faculty Profile 
Dr. Ramesh U
Associate Professor
Mob :9447246162
email :rameshtrivandrum@rediffmail.com
 Educational Qualifications

Qualification University /Institution Specialization Year 
B.E Mangalore University Mechanical Engineering  1997
M.Tech Manipal University Engineering Management 2000
Ph.D National Institute of Medical Studies University, Jaipur Management 2013

Other qualifications: PGDPM from Annamalai University

Professional Experience

Teaching 15 years
Administration 3 years
Memberships in Professional bodies

 Area of Interest

  • Personnel Management
  • Industrial Relations
  • Tourism
Details of Publications

  1. “Employment in Tourism Industry, Issues and Challenges” Pages 51 -58.
  2. “The Niche of Wellness Tourism in the Scenario of Kerala’s Health Tourism”
    Ind. J. Multi.Res.2009. Vol.5(4), ISSN-0973-2225 Pages 633 -640.
  3. “Destination Kerala: A Voyage to Wellness” I-Managers Journal on Management (ISSN 0973-5054), Vol-4,No-2, Sept-Nov:2009 Pages 6-11
  4. “Ayurvedic Health tourism in Kerala: A study on the market potential catering to the customer perception” I -Managers Journal on Management ISSN 0973-5054 , Vol-4,No-2, Mar -May 10
    Pages 55-62
  5. “Wellness tourism in Kerala : Opportunities Galore”
    Management Researcher, VolXVII, No.1, July- Sep 2010 Pages 48 -56
  6. “Ayurvedic Wellness Tourism in Kerala: A Gateway for Entrepreneurs to Emerge Successful.” International journal of Research in Commerce & Management ISSN 0976 -2183, Vol.2, Issue .4, April, 2011 Pages 80-84.
  7. “A study to evolve an effective Marketing plan to enhance Wellness tourism in Kerala.”
    International Journal of Marketing and Management Research, ISSN 2229-6883, Vol. 2, Issue 9 Sept 2011
    Pages 193 -206.
  8. “A study on the customer profile and perceptions to enhance the Marketing Efforts for Ayurvedic Tourism in Kerala.” JS International Journal of Commerce, ISSN 2231-377X, Vol. 1, Issue 2, Aug 2011 Pages 110 -1164.
  9. “A study to develop an advanced marketing strategy for Wellness Tourism in Kerala based on the prevailing scenario” Zenth International Journel of Multidisiplinary Research, ISSN 2231 5780, Vol 1, ISSUE 6, October 2011 Pages 211-222.
Details of Conference papers

  1. Self Financing Engineering Colleges under Government – A Kerala Experience
    Paper presented in International Conference on Democratic and Secular Education, December 4th to 6th 2008, Kerala University.
  2. Role of Destination Management in Marketing Tourism – Strategies and issues
    National Seminar on Strategic Marketing for emerging environment,Feb 20 – 21, organized by School of Management studies CUSAT.
  3. Trends in Marketing Films; Strategies to uplift customer perceptions” National Conference on Creating and Delivering Value for customers, March 27 – 28, School of Management studies, CUSAT
  4. Emergence of Professional students as Global Competitors: Is Communication Skill the Litmus?” 20th ISTE Annual Convention, VJCET, November 21, 2009.
  5. Issues and Challenges of Marketing Ayurveda based Wellness Tourism in Kerala:
    All India Convention of Tourism Professionals, 5-6th February 2010, Thiruvananthapuram.
  6. The Niche of Ayurvedic Health Tourism in Kerala: Galoring opportunities for Entrepreuners
    UGC-SAP, Pondicherry University, 19-20 March, 2010.
  7. The role of communication skill in transforming professional students to Global competitors:
    Natyonal seminar on “Communication and Soft skills – The Emerging Paradigms”, DAVIET, Jalandhar, September 6-7
  8. Need of a Paradigm Shift in the Learning and Teaching Process in Engineering Education:
    21st ISTE Annual Convention, SJCET, November 20, 2010
  9. To Mould 21st Century Professionals: Analyzing the need of Communication & Soft Skills:
    National Conference on Moral and Ethical Values for Professionals, IET, Bhaddal, Ropar, April 15-16,2011
  10. A study on the Entrepreneurial opportunities in Ayurvedic wellness Tourism by Analyzing the Swot with reference to Kerala: DAMES’11 Conference, BS University Chennai, April 29-30, 2011
Details of Books Published

  1. Industrial Organisation and Management, ISBN : 978 – 81 – 8295 – 156 – 3 Published by V Publishers, Kottayam.
  2. Chapter contributed to “International Markeing in Tourism”, ISBN : 978-81-261-4934-6 Published by Anmol Publishers, New Delhi.
Details of Courses Taught

  • Industrial Organisation & Management
  • Financial Management
  • Operations Research
  • Humanitics