UNIT No. 173

Leaders of Unit

Principal Dr. Jeoju M Issac
Program Officer Shri. Anish R
Asst. Program Officer Smt.  Shahimol Basheer

Advisory Board

  • Principal
  • NSS Programme Officer – Member Secretary
  • HOD- Mechanical Engineering Department
  • HOD- Allied Departments
  • HOD- Electrical Engineering Department
  • HOD- Electronics Engineering Department
  • HOD – Computer Science and Engineering
  • Mr Suresh Devikulam (Ward Member, Adopted Village)
Mr. Kuruvilla Kurian of College of Engineering Munnar Receiving the NSS directorate award for the best NSS Volunteer 2018 from Sri Sunil Kumar (Minister for Agriculture Kerala).

Mr.Anish R   Receiving best programme officer &Best unit award of directorate of technical education  from honourable agricultural minister  Mr.VS .Sunil kumar.


Education is very important tool for everyone to succeed in life and get something different. It helps a lot in lessening the challenges of life difficult life. The children of Kundala tribal settlement had a hard time studying due to the lack of books and other facilities. The NSS unit of CEM came forward to provide these children a helping hand for better education. NSS volunteers collected money from staffs and students to buy books, bags and toys for the poor children in Kundala and they were distributed in a function held at Kundala. This helped a lot of children to realise their dream of a better education. The works of NSS team influenced more people to contribute for this purpose. This was a big step for ensuring a bright future for the children in Kundala tribal settlements.


The ever increasing accidents on the road in Kerala with nearly 4000 deaths and around 35000 njured every year, has become a major cause of concern and there is urgent need to make a comprehensive programme of Traffic Safety and Enforcement. Considering this fact NSS Of CEM and Motor Vehicle department launched the Road awareness programme #SUBHAYATHRA , which aims at tackling all the Three E’s of Traffic, namely Enforcement, Engineering and Education. The Road Transport Officer of Devikulam Mr. Aboobakkar inaugurated the One day workshop and the session was handled byJ.R.T.O Mr. Thomas Antony and A.M.V.I Mr. Mujeeb of M.V.D Devikulam.


VIMUKTHI is the anti-drug and substance abuse campaign initiated by the government of Kerala, department of excise. The block wise inaugural ceremony of vimukthi 2016 was held at Munnar engineering college auditorium in association with NSS CEM. Sri. S Rajendran MLA inaugurated the function. Sri. Karuppuswamy, President Munnar Grama panjayath Preside over the meeting.Sri Abu Abraham circle inspector of excise felicitatedthe function. The NSS CEM highly appreciated by the authorities for their sincere efforts taken for anti-drug activities for the past two years.



“Punarjjani” is one of the dream project of NSS Technical Cell. Punarjjani aims at the restoration, rebuilding and rejuvenation of Government institutions.
Most of the furniture, electric equipment’s, wiring and sports equipment in government school are damaged and kept aside due to lack of timely repairing or caring. The NSS units of the college selected “Punarjjani” as the project of this year’s three day camp. The school selected for activity was Government Model Residential School at Munnar. This is the school in Kerala where the largest number of tribal students come for studying. The camp was scheduled from 24/03/2017 to 26/03/2017.


NSS Volunteers cleaning Munnar Town


In appropriate and non-scientific waste management is one of the major problem facing by Munnar Town and premises. Plastic becomes the most severe enemy to the natural resources and to the people. NSS CEM launched the plastic free mission at Munnar. A number of NSS Volunteers were allotted to each and every corner of Munnar Town. They cleaned the city with their maximum effort continued by a drama against the Great Giant Plastic by the NSS cultural team. NSS Team handed over some palmlets with anti-plastic messages. GS Jobin Varghese taught the students of CEM about the creative use/management of useless materials.


NSS Volunteers at Edamalakkudy

To get declared as an Open Defecation State of India, Govt. of Kerala has found Edamalakkudy as a hindrance. Edamalakkudy, being the first tribal
GramaPanchayath of Kerala, has 13 wards consisting of 28 hamlets. Located inside the forest, to reach this place one has to travel 26 kms in a jeep and then 18 kms by foot. The Panchayath is away from facilities of transportation, communication and electricity. As part of the Project, the Govt. decided to provide certain number of toilets built for each of these hamlets.

The mission was undertaken by the Sub Collector, Devikulam, Mr SreeramVenkat, IAS. Mr. Sreeram had decided to assign the NSS Unit of College of Engineering, Munnar for realising this Project. As per his instructions, a Team was formed, including 29 student volunteers, Mr. Anish, Programme Officer, NSS Technical and Mr. Anith Mohan, Asst. Professor, Dept. of ECE of College of Engineering, Munnar.

The work assigned for the volunteers were to dig toilet pits. The volunteers were asked to dig 40 pits of which the volunteers successfully dug 15 pits. At first the inhabitants were hostile to help but later the inhabitants happily joined the volunteers in the task. The volunteers had to undergo a hard time, without timely food, safe stay. The volunteers stayed for 4 days at Edamalukudy and returned from there duly.

Finally, after the four days of stay the Team built a warm relationship with the natives of Parappayarkudy. Before returning the Team assured their wholehearted support in realising the Projects in future and to render more and more facilities. For all these activities, the Team was well supported by Dr. Shine N Das, principal of CEM. The activity was appreciated by the Honourable Prime Minister in his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ Programme broadcasted.


Nowadays electricity is one of the basic need of life. The world without electricity is unimaginable. By understanding this national service scheme of college of engineering Munnar, initiated rural or tribal electrification Projects named vidhyuth yojana. NSS conduited and wired a number of tribal houses for the past three years. The latest was the electrification of 20 houses at sengulam, in association with Kerala state electricity board (KSEB) .



The State level inauguration of International Yoga Day was organized by NSS Technical Cell, Kerala at College of Engineering Munnar and it was inaugurated by Sri. S. Rajendran, Devikulam MLA on 21st June 2017.