India’s First High Altitude Research Centre at College of Engineering Munnar

It’s again a proud moment for College of Engineering Munnar to have India’s first High Altitude Research Centre in the campus. This is a joint venture of Directorate of Environment and Climate Change, IIT Madras and Centre for Continuing Education Kerala on behalf of College of Engineering Munnar. The agreement signed by the trio will surely bring revolutionary change in the field of climate change. The location of the college is best suited for the establishment of Research Centre.

Pollution and the associated climate change are major concerns of the current millennium. These factors will both significantly and negatively impact our quality of life if left unattended. The study of these two areas is therefore absolutely relevant and necessary.

To this end, Professor Sachin S Gunthe and his team wish to establish a pollution monitoring lab in Munnar. Munnar is very strategically located, being far from roads and urban areas; the data obtained is to be compared with that obtained from urban areas to estimate the impact of increasing pollution on the regional climate of South India. Studies have already been performed on the campus of the College of Engineering, Munnar and so far three papers have been published in top quality peer reviewed journals.
Considering the importance of this study the College of Engineering Munnar has agreed to provide land free of cost. The proposed cost of the project is Rs. 50,00,000. Land has already been allotted and the project can begin as soon as the lab is set up. Keeping the importance of this project in mind, we request all our alumni to donate generously so that work can begin at the earliest.

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